Top Five Business in Allen

Allen city Texas USA is an affluent city and a very progressive area. It has a diverse economy with numerous business industries that includes financial professional and information technology services. Business people and job hunters would find this city very interesting as it provides enormous opportunities for both employees and entrepreneurs. Economic opportunities in this city are great and job-hunting wouldn’t be much of a challenge in this place because its corporate landscape is ideally positioned for various businesses. If ever you do go looking for a job, here are the top 5 business/employers in the city:

5. Experian

Experian is ranked as number five. This is a data and call center company that specialized in credit information and market analysis. The company gathers credit information and sells it for a fee to consumers. It provides information analytical and marketing services to companies, organizations and consumers. Its market services aims to bring brands and customers together through various market solution programs. The companies also provide secure online access of costumers to their credit history and score. It empowers employees to manage and improve their financial status. It operates worldwide in over 40 countries and employs 17,000 people and at least 6% of those are from Allen, Texas.

4. Watters Creek at Montgomery Farms

Watters Creek at Montgomery Farms is fourth on the list. It is a “resort-style, mixed-used development, concerts, museums and has at least a thousand employees. Other features include interactive public art, shops and restaurants and also residences by the creek. This is the favourite destination of locals and tourists alike. The Watters attracts a great number of visitors each year and drive the economy of the city.

3. Allen Premium Outlets

It’s not really much of a surprise that a mall would be one of the top business and employers in Allen, Texas. People love to shop and that is a known fact. Malls get a lot of visitors (depending on the geographical location), more than famous recreations centers such as Universal studios or Disneyland, everyday! So it was never really a ‘mystery’ as to why Allen Premium Outlets, a mall would be included as one of the top five business in the city. This mall has 96 outlets stores. It features favorite’s stores such as Polo Ralph Laurent Factory store and Nike Factory store.

2. The Village at Allen and Fairview

Everybody would agree that a mix-use development is very popular nowadays. The Village at Allen and Fairview is another lucrative business that is sort of similar to our number four; but it also harbors a lot of stores, restaurants, a park for dogs and a village art. It is as popular as the malls and recreation centers but it offers a lot more.

1. Allen Independent School District

Nelson Mandela once said that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” That is why it is a popular business and employer in Allen (and across the globe). A lot of people are always in need of formal education and Allen Independent School District provides that for the people living there. Also, they provide work for a lot of people, specifically, those who took up education in college. The district also allows other business to thrive such as restaurant business, transportation and books store.

If there will come a time that you plan to build a business of your own and you’re from Texas, Allen is your place. The five top businesses listed above gives us an idea about the county’s business environment.








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